Liquid Death, the canned water with an edgy image, was produced to kill plastic!

‘Liquid Death’ water, with sales exceeding 20 billion baht. A daring and unconventional brand with an edgy image, yet it has gained widespread acceptance. But what’s the secret to its success?

Today, canned water isn’t a novel concept, even though it’s packaged in a packaging that many might not typically associate with water. But did you know that the destination of canned packaging answers the sustainability trend at its utmost where various water brands are using it as an alternative packaging solution.

Why choose canned water?

The plastic waste generated today, both single-use plastics and general plastics, are contributing to the global plastic crisis. Less than 10% of plastic waste is recycled (source: UN Environment Programme, Our Planet is Choking on Plastic) This has led to the production of alternative packaging options that are more environmentally friendly. It represents a shift in the mindset of manufacturers and brands that prioritize environmental concerns and cater to consumers who seek eco-friendly products.

Due to the recyclable nature of aluminium, which can be recycled indefinitely, aluminium cans are gaining attention as sustainable packaging options. They demonstrate sustainability because they can be 100% recycled continuously without accumulating as environmental waste.

Furthermore, some brands have gone the extra mile by incorporating messages addressing the plastic waste problem and answering the question of why alternative packaging like aluminium cans is necessary. One such brand that communicates its message effectively to the point where Aluminium Loop wants to share it further is Liquid Death the edgy and unconventional water brand produced to ‘kill…’!

Kill what? Kill the thirst, like its slogan ‘Murder your thirst!’

Then who might die? Previously, consumers might have to die if they continued to consume water from plastic bottles. Even though they can be recycled, they are recycled at a very low rate due to high costs and safety constraints that are still in the testing phase. This results in most plastic bottle waste often becoming environmental hazards in the end. 

But!!! Liquid Death comes to communicate with us that we must fight against the death caused by those plastic bottles by choosing environmental-friendly packaging like aluminium cans. It’s like we’re killing plastic by gradually reducing its usage.Compare with plastic bottles, aluminium cans can be recycled more easily because they are made from a mono-material or a material that doesn’t contain other types of materials that need to be separated before the recycling process. This leads to a higher recycling rate and a higher proportion of aluminium used in recycled content production of new aluminium cans. While it may not be 100%, it is still higher than other packaging materials. For example, European countries like Germany, Switzerland, and Norway, which are environmentally conscious, have recycling rates for aluminium cans of over 90% and an average recycled content of around 70%

The brand Liquid Death began as a startup that raised funding to offer aluminium canned water. It might seem ordinary if they didn’t present a genuine and clear mission to address environmental issues, along with a distinctive brand identity characterized by a strong punk rock and heavy metal influence, which is a straightforward and counter-cultural approach. This aligns with the personal preference of Mike Cessario, the founder of Liquid Death. In the early stages, they managed to raise an impressive $10 million in funding all at once.

The brand primarily targets a specific audience, aiming to communicate with the Gen Y (born 1980-1995) and Gen Z (born 1996-2010) generations, as well as open-minded adults who appreciate novelty which would likely resonate well with the brand’s image. Starting from the packaging to the design, which many people might think of it as an alcoholic beverage, but it actually turns out to be mineral water from the Alps that immediately changes the perspective towards a healthier choice.

The fun and rebellious nature that the brand has created while also wanting to be a part of solving the serious issue of plastic usage has made Liquid Death a cool water brand in America. It has experienced exponential growth since its launch in 2019, going from 102 million baht in sales to 23.8 billion baht in October 2022. In addition to mineral water, the brand has also expanded its product line by introducing various flavored sparkling options.

It could say that Liquid Death is the liquid that encourages us to drink in order to fight with the death from using plastic in the beverage industry. However, you can choose whether to drink from a can or not. If you choose not to drink from a can, there are still many ways to reduce plastic usage. These include using personal bottles and glass containers for reuse, which is the most sustainable option as it generates no waste. Alternatively, switching to other eco-friendly packaging options also shows environmental consideration.

We’re just a funny beverage company who hates corporate marketing as much as you do. Our evil mission is to make people laugh and get more of them to drink more water more often, all while helping to kill plastic pollution.

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