Wonderfruit 2023 x Greenery x Aluminium Loop

At Wonderfruit 2023, a festival combining art, music, food, culture, and people, Greenery canned water stood out with its vibrant colors and unique aluminium can packaging, attracting attendees’ attention.

Wonderfruit places high importance on the environment, aiming to be a 100% Zero Waste festival. Attendees were encouraged to bring their own cups or bottles to reduce single-use plastic, with free water refill stations and systematic waste management throughout the event.

Wonderfruit added a new drinking option with Greenery canned water under the concept “Can Change The World.” This year, over 150,000 used beverage cans of drinking water and other beverages from the event will be fully recycled. All proceeds from recycling these cans will be donated to the Prostheses Foundation to support the production of prosthetic legs for the disabled through the Aluminium Loop project.