The TCP business group has partnered with Aluminium Loop in the “Transparency of Aluminium Can Closed-Loop Recycling”project. This initiative supports the collection of used aluminium cans to be recycled into new aluminium beverag cans, aligning with the organization’s ‘Caring’ strategy.

Aluminium cans are one of the few types of packaging that can be ‘infinitely recyclable’ without losing quality. This is known as ‘Closed-Loop Recycling.’ The cans can be continuously recycled into new ones, reducing the need for new resources and reusing existing materials.

Recycling aluminium cans also helps save up to 95% of the energy required for production compared to extracting new ore.

After finishing your drink, make sure the can is indeed ‘aluminium’. Aluminium cans have a ‘softer and concave’ bottom compared to steel cans. You can also look for the ‘Aluminium Loop’ logo on the can. This ensures the can will be collected and recycled, ready to be reused for many more drinks.

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