Aluminium Loop CAN Recycling Program

Number of recycled aluminium cans



Reduction of CO2 emission


Kg. Co2

Energy save from recycling



Number of days it takes to recycle used beverage can



Collect used Aluminium Loop CAN cans into the recycling process to produce new aluminium cans again.

Every Aluminium Loop CAN can is 100% collected and recycled into new aluminium cans, completely circular recycling process.
After used Aluminium Loop CANs are collected, they are sent to a recycling process that begins with separating foreign matter such as other metals and grinding them to prepare for melting. It will then be shaped into a large aluminium bar and rolled into ultra-thin aluminium sheets to be used as raw material for for manufacturing aluminium cans once again.
You can be a part of making this aluminium can recycling loop efficient by properly managing used aluminium cans: clean, crush, flatten, and throw them in recycling bins, or donate them for recycling at drop points.

Drop points for used Aluminium Loop CAN for taking into the recycling process

Donate used beverage cans that have been cleaned and flattened at various drop points as follows:


Drink from Aluminium Loop CAN

Throw it into the recycling bin

Transport used beverage cans
to recycling factory

Put into the recycling process

New Aluminium Loop CANs
are back in circulation