Aluminium Loop Exhibits at Sustainability Expo (SX) 2023

“Good Balance, Better World”

Aluminium Loop, part of Thai Beverage Can Ltd. (TBC), exhibited at the Sustainability Expo (SX) 2023 from October 2-8, 2023, at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. We provided information on aluminium can packaging and its role in driving sustainability, showcasing responsibility towards products and the environment. The booth featured activities for visitors, including quizzes on aluminium cans and differentiating between aluminium and steel cans.

The exhibition was in the Better Living zone, presenting interesting aspects of a Sustainable Living 24/7 Lifestyle through the collaboration of public and private sectors aiming to promote sustainability. The exhibition focused on 4 main pillars: water management, carbon reduction, biodiversity, and waste management. Visitors also learned about proper packaging management and cycles, along with tips for an eco-friendly lifestyle, reflecting on how personal behavior changes can benefit the environment.