1st Year Anniversary
The TreeCycle of Joy

Celebrating one year of the eco-friendly Christmas tree. This Christmas tree, uniquely named The TreeCycle of Joy , was constructed from more than 10,000 recycled aluminium cans and was previously showcased in front of Siam Discovery in the past year (2020).

Today, Aluminium Loop invites readers to explore the journey of this eco-friendly Christmas tree, questioning why aluminium cans were used, where those cans have traveled to next, and looking back at the Christmas trees from previous years displayed at Siam Discovery, a hub of creativity and environmental consciousness, to see what recyclable materials they were made from. Join us in finding answers in this article.

In Thailand, it might be difficult to use real Christmas trees for the festive season, so we often resort to artificial trees, usually made from plastic that’s almost impossible to recycle, eventually turning into waste that clutters our planet.

Wouldn’t it be better to opt for environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled, like aluminium cans which can be 100% recycled endlessly? They are also lightweight and have a surface that reflects light, allowing for a colorful play with decorative lights.

The TreeCycle of Joy was born from a collaboration between little big green, TBC, and Siam Discovery, recognizing the uniqueness of aluminium cans. Not only do they serve as drink containers, but they can also be creatively repurposed. The aluminium cans used to construct The TreeCycle of Joy were flawed, mostly imperceptible to the naked eye. Due to high standards in the quality beverage packaging industry, these cans are considered second-grade and are recycled to produce new cans. However, for this special Christmas season, these imperfect cans were transformed into a novel Christmas tree, which can still be recycled as usual after the event.

Seeing a Christmas tree made from aluminium cans is already fascinating. Let’s also take a look back at the recycled material Christmas trees from previous years at Siam Discovery.

Beyond bringing joy during the Christmas and New Year season, Siam Discovery also aims to raise awareness about resource efficiency in Thailand. That’s why they came up with the idea of creating an eco-friendly Christmas tree, using various recycled materials such as:

  • In 2010, a Christmas tree made from reused metal sheets cut into letters to form messages and shaped into a tree, adorned with plastic bottle bottoms and straws.
  • In 2011, a tree constructed from over 4,000 1.25-liter recyclable PET bottles from Coca-Cola Thailand, linked together to resemble a ball and shaped into a Christmas tree.
  • In 2012, a tree from more than 50,000 donated plastic water bottles from customers and the general public, compressed and shaped into a tree.
  • In 2013, a tree made from thousands of leftover metal scraps from hardware equipment manufacturing, twisted and welded together to form a tree.
  • In 2014, the TV Recycle X’mas Tree assembled from old TVs arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree, with embedded LED screens around the TVs to play sound and images, including a New Year countdown.
  • In 2017, a plastic waste tree under the “Upcycling X’mas” theme, featuring a large white bear made from plastic bags.
  • In 2018, a tree from obsolete CD cases, now discarded due to the shift to online music streaming. After the event, these CD cases were transformed into trash bins.
  • In 2019, an Eco Christmas tree designed with white wind turbine blades made from biodegradable materials, totaling 1,000 blades shaped into a tree, with an Electrostatic air purifier IonFresh to reduce PM2.5 dust particles in outdoor or controlled areas.


For 2021, the Christmas tree at Siam Discovery embraced the concept of Circular Living X’mas Tree inviting everyone to be part of an environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle. This year’s tree was crafted from used cloudy HDPE plastic bottles, such as milk and shampoo bottles, transformed into inventive creations and assembled into a Christmas tree. Importantly, these cloudy plastic bottles will be passed on to “YOUturn,” a comprehensive plastic management system for recycling into red bins for infectious waste disposal after the exhibition ends.

The festive season of Christmas and New Year, traditionally marked by decorations that eventually turn into a significant amount of waste, could gradually diminish if we pay more attention to the environment by choosing sustainable materials. This not only reduces waste but also adds value to the materials by maximizing their usage.

Finally, we have a video about the journey of The TreeCycle of Joy, the eco-friendly Christmas tree made from recycled aluminium cans, along with the recycling process to produce new cans for you to watch.

For more on The TreeCycle of Joy, read the full article at: https://littlebiggreen.co/blog/thetreecycleofjoy

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